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Benefits of Headlight Restoration

* Drastically improves driving visibility

* Enhances the appearance of your vehicle

* Increases the resale value of your vehicle

* Eliminates costly replacements


Hazed, oxidized and yellowed headlamps can be restored to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

The headlights on most current vehicles are
constructed of a lightweight, but tough
polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonates are the
materials of choice as they provide a
favorable set of attributes that include: optical
clarity, impact resistance and the ability to
tolerate high temperatures.

While the plastic is hard it is also porous and susceptible to the elements. To counteract this condition, a silicone hard coat is applied to the lenses at the factory. This hard coat is designed
to protect the headlights from acid rain, heat,
bugs, scratches, harsh chemicals and the sun.

Over time this coating oxidizes, yellows and
becomes cloudy causing millions of drivers
to travel roads with the safety problem
of limited visibility. Limited visibility makes it very difficult to see obstacles and other vehicles.

Hazed headlights give a vehicle an aged,
unsightly appearance as well as a decreased
Now these hazed, faded and yellowed headlight
lenses can be restored to like new clarity
instead of costly replacement. 

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